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Chaos Confusion Barely Escaping With Her Life The End, NearWith The Felrin Having Other Ideas About The Gorgon Queen S Power Wielding Place In Their Hierarchy, And Several Other Obstacles In Her Way, The Final Installment Sees Kaianan Face Verticals, Break Allegiances, Lose Friends And Re Create Aura In This Fast Paced Action Finale Don T Miss It Kaianan: Anarch

About the Author: Cara Violet

Cara Violet is a writer, author of the Kaianan Trilogy Fantasy Books,broadly the Siliou Universe, creator of the content creation community enterprise, Violet Tourbillion, and holds a Bachelor s Degree in Communication from MONASH University, Melbourne, Australia Embarking on a creative writing journey ten years ago, the Kaianan trilogy was initially a self indulging soul search to support a lack of productivity and the existential question what to do with life That has evolved into a fresh fictional perspective on social norms and civic standards It s the accumulation of a reflective life lived as an inquisitive person finding their way in the world The underlying aim has always been to create a voice for the voiceless Suppression grows in many forms In our doubts, in our systems, in our comparisons within society The Siliou Universe, the Kaianan Trilogy begins a quest to uproot what we know and replace that with sound ideas and ways to start again It s a tussle between obligation and doing what is right It s a relational analysis on why we must say no to the things we want and be content that there is something that resembles what we need to grow The most significant thing this trilogy tackles, is the way in which we label and subject evil Our perception is questioned the only real evil we see, is the reflection we see in ourselves The content led to the creation of a means of communication to share experiences The heart of Violet Tourbillion is in its mission to encourage you, through words, to be your true self It s an encoding and decoding of human nature crossed with spiritual and artistic input It s an empirical perspective on our obsession with connection and external search for what we already have within It s unique ways to cut off from the distortion of the superficial and have an honest conversation about who we are Cara Violet continues to create fictional works, and provide personal insight through Violet Tourbillion, supporting the organisations that are close to her heart The Kaianan Trilogy launches as new editions in 2020 She currently resides in North Queensland, Australia May you Vector safely.

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